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An unorthodox, independent-minded collection of garden designers, plants men, and landscape experts who’s aesthetic expressions of beauty through art and nature remain in place but the angle of perception or interpretation comes from the outer field. Everyday components, plants, borders and lawns, walls, paths and steps as well as furniture, containers, trellis and even clothes-lines are all considered in a nonconformist and sometimes eccentric style.


It is a perceived notion that because a garden is a place of tranquility and cultivated beauty it must not be curdled by unorthodox conceptions. This shows a surprising lack of discernment. Ever since gardens grew into our lives Landscape Architects and
Garden Designers have struggled to revolutionise the preconceived ideas and alter the accepted rules by offering their own unconventional and whimsical views against autocratic thinking. Here at DINGWALL-MAIN & Co., we are happy to go from maximum to minimum with medium in-between…

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